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What are the nature of the glitter powder?

by:Xucai     2020-05-02
Golden onion powder, commonly known as sequins, piece of gold, silver, gold, silver is made by imported PET polyester film through careful mechanical cutting unified sequins and specifications. Golden onion powder, the purpose of the ordinary, there are two kinds of general, farewell is hexagonal and quadrangle, the raw materials have a PET, OPP, ALUM, etc. ; Color with gold, silver, red, blue, green, seven color, colorful, laser, etc. Its raw material and surface protective layer can make the color is light, climate, temperature, mildly corrosive to the environment also have certain resistance and temperature tolerance. All sorts of color of the glitter powder for the purpose of the glitter can be divided into polyester glitter powder, metallic gold green powder, iridescence series golden onion powder, pearl powder series: 1. Polyester glitter powder is made up of vacuum metal quality polyester film, its color layer for thermosetting epoxy floor staggered fusion, can produce the color of the kinds of ordinary, but after printing, coating, spray method used for wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather, ceramic and other materials. Decoration or reflective and seize the unique goals, such as the heat resistance at 180 ℃. 2. Metal mass with glitter powder: the product with a very thin aluminum foil, the color of outer for thermosetting epoxy floor staggered fusion. Practical in a lot of soluble materials, this product can also be dry coating. Metallic gold onion powder is the dream of for plastic products raw materials, heat resistance is 200 ℃. Size 3 product practice. 0毫米,2。 5毫米,2。 0毫米,1。 5毫米,1。 0毫米,0。 8毫米,0。 6毫米,0。 4毫米,0。 3毫米,0。 2毫米,0。 1mm。 Can also be customized according to customer's request all kinds of special specifications and colors. 3. Iridescence series golden onion powder: this product is unique magic Mosaic gold onion powder, do not contain metal components, but due to a polymer film optical characteristics of the product, so the product has the metallic color change and the colour and lustre, have obviously color shift. , unique and practical in the printing process in industry, make the product has the appearance of the color change. Product size have 0. 2mm( 1/128) , 0. 4mm( 1/64) , 0. 6mm( 1/40) , 1. 0 ( 1/24) 。 4. Ordinary metallic glitter, pearl powder paint used for coatings, plastics, rubber, cosmetic, printing, oil, ink, paper, boundaries.
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