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What are the role of silver powder

by:Xucai     2020-04-29
'Silver' element of the coating is aluminum powder. So what are the role of silver? Below we understand: simple aluminium melting point high refractoriness might as well add refractory raw material, add the density of raw material at the same time, the hardness and change the rest of the physical function, and aluminum powder can be ruled out in refractory raw materials in the use of raw materials in the gas, prevention in refractory raw materials in the process of temperature rise suddenly burst. Qualitative light, high floating force, cover up the power, heat and light reflection features are good. After processing, can also be a float type aluminum powder. The rest, the aluminum powder is to identify the role of fingerprints and do the fireworks. One, the aluminum powder with white silver metallic, so commonly known as aluminum silver or silver powder, its chemical elements is 'aluminum', no 'silver'. Use line: coating, ink, plastic masterbatch, printing, imitation gold, imitation gold, gold film paper, textiles, but use in water-based paint and paint with acid and alkali will turn black oxide. No recommendations for acid and alkali resistant and merge with the rain. Superfine silver powder: 1, the superfine silver surface area is large, when its embodiment in the air, can quickly generate a passive layer of protective film on the surface, the oxide black, please seal countermeasures, floating alkali resistance of silver are not recommendations for requirements, if you have any requirements we can choose study silvery white metallic glitter; 2, have certain distinguish between batches of silver powder, and is strongly influenced by technology, spraying, except needs while maintaining the manufacture craft of safe sex, should first test again, lest losses. 3, add volume 1 - superfine silver cover bottom 2%, adding highlights wax AW500B under the condition of zero. 6% - 1. 5% can cover the bottom and strong metal color, add a large amount of silver is more white, add quantity to the smaller blue, add enough sometimes speckled black silk, or commonly known as flies excrement, overall partial black. 4, silver plate shaped, always floating in the outside layer of the coating, so the hardness and antioxidant function of black is a bit poor, in order to get a better hardness need to add printing increasing AS501 hard agent, plus the increasing POL16 hard agent, silver POL09 etc. , can't add highlights wax, gold silver powder to arrange agent, polyethylene wax, etc. , mixed in the longer the light effect is better. The above is the role of silver powder, hope to help you.
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