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What does metallic glitter eyeshadow have in make up small skill?


Metallic glitter eyeshadow in our makeup is one of the more commonly used makeup items, next by XUCAI to share some tips for painting metallic glitter eyeshadow!


   Metallic glitter eyeshadow make up skills

1. Metallic glitter eyeshadow is easier to smudge

You must have noticed that when we smudge our eyeshadow, it is easier to smudge it with glitter. This is because each piece of glittery eye shadow, there are more even reflective particles. The glitter particles have a smooth surface, which provides a good lubrication compared to matte eyeshadow, making them easier to smudge.

2. Metallic glitter eyeshadow can be used with water

Metallic glitter eyeshadow can be used with water because of its special texture. Although matte eye shadow also can dissolve in water, but because its powdery qualitative too exquisite, too easy adhesion, form agglomerate. Compare with matte eye shadow,metallic glitter eyeshadow grain is a few bigger, dip in slightly take a few water, can go up more easily saturation state, this also is in the colour makeup of profusion, the reason that can go using metallic glitter eyeshadow is in.

3. Use sparkly eye shadow

Light pink glitter eyeshadow, which we can use as a shade of blush, will make your MAC look even more obvious. This is a great tip to use if you're traveling and you don't have to bring a lot of makeup, but a pale pink eyeshadow is more than enough for everyday makeup.

4. Champagne metallic glitter eyeshadow you have to have

The metallic glitter eyeshadow of champagne color is a color that XUCAI recommends superbly makeup sheet is tasted, use alone, can lift bright eye abdomen and eye head, let an eye look vigor and vitality. It can also be used alone to lighten the brow bone, bridge of the nose, chin, and enhance the three-dimensional feeling of the whole face. Besides, still can dip in slightly with small brush take the metallic glitter eyeshadow of a bit of champagne color, dot is in the lip peak on the upper lip on the upper end, lip line is in, can let a mouth look to have the lovely feeling of a kind of beep. 

So when we're done with our day, how do we get rid of the pearl eyeshadow?

How to remove metallic glitter eyeshadow

1. Wet the cotton pad first and squeeze out the excess water, pour makeup remover for eyes, cover the eye cover.

2. Apply 30 seconds to a minute later, gently from the top down wipe, very easy to remove eye makeup.

3. Additional, go up a kind of honey pink that wipe on eyelid before eye shadow, with segregation frost is about the same, can make eye shadow more show color not only, more lasting, and can achieve more thorough result when uninstall.

The discharge makeup water of the eye, eye shadow, eyelash creams wait to need to use eye ministry special discharge makeup water to discharge makeup. Good also with olive oil, gently wipe, in use wash face milk, clean, glycerin is ok also, very cheap.


Do not suggest to use the metallic glitter eyeshadow that bead light grain is too big in life makeup, can too stage feeling and dramatized; To protect our eyes and skin, make sure to remove glitter before bed.

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