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What flash powder materials

by:Xucai     2020-04-27
Material: PET, PVC, OPP, metal aluminum, laser laser materials, glitter bulk can produce 0. 004mm - 3. 0mm。 Shape: square, hexagon, rectangle etc. Color: golden, silver, seven kinds of color, color, magic color, pearl color, selection of laser and so on. Glitter areas of application: used in handicrafts, Christmas candle handicrafts, cosmetics, silk screen printing, Cloth, leather, footwear - Series of shoes materials, New Year's day) Decorative materials ( Art craft glass, polycrystalline glass; Crystal glass crystal ball) Coating, paint decoration, furniture, packaging, Christmas gifts, toys, pens, and other fields, its characteristic is to enhance the visual effect of products, make the decoration part with a layer of uneven more stereoscopic effect. The characteristics of its high gloss, at the same time, make the decoration bright and dazzling. Glitter main types: pet, PVC flash powder, the product by the vacuum metal polyester film and thermosetting crosslinking epoxy resin color layers. It can produce a variety of color, can through the silk screen, coating and coating used for wood, paper, cloth and metal. Leather products, ceramics and other materials. Form a special and remarkable effect, such as decoration or reflection. Pvc material flash powder is not high temperature resistant, 60°(C) , acid and alkali. Pet material flash powder, high temperature resistant, 190°(C) , acidproof alkali. Metallic powder: this product by a very thin layer of the outer layer of aluminum foil and thermosetting crosslinking epoxy resin composition. Flash flash powder is suitable for many soluble materials, can also be used dry. Metallic powder is an ideal material to plastic products, 250 ℃ heat resistance, resistance to acid and alkali. Symphony series: this product is a unique magic color flash powder, do not contain metal components, but due to a product of the optical properties of the polymer film, the product has the metal color and luster, has obvious color change. Especially suitable for printing, craft, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. , make the products with the appearance of the color change.
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