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What glue will not be used for silk screen printing glitter powder?

by:Xucai     2019-12-09
Printing in the application process of glitter is a very common application, but how to prevent glitter from falling off after printing is a very difficult problem. The following methods are recommended here, hoping to help everyone.

1. First, select the matching glitter powder glue

good glitter powder glue has good firmness, is not easy to fall off, has strong luster, high transparency, does not affect the luster of glitter, is washable, does not stick to hands, has good oxidation resistance, is not easy to change color, and does not plug the net and be easy to operate.

2. Scope of application of glitter glue

glitter powder, gold and silver powder sequins, gold and silver tablets, laser tablets, pearl powder for cotton spinning and cotton spinning fabrics, print of colorful films.

3. Notes on glitter powder glue

1. It cannot be mixed with other mucilage

2. After printing, the fabric should be immediately sprinkled with scallion slices for ironing

3. The baking temperature is normal at 130 ° C ~ 150 ° C, time is 1 ~ 2 minutes

4. If it is not fixed at high temperature, please leave it for a period of time and wash it after it is fully cured

5. glue process

printing glitter paste; Patch; Pressurized; Drying/drying; Curing (Pressing); Molding

[General ratio] : Glitter Paste CH-580 (Glitter pulp)75-85%. Glitter (, laser powder, colorful film, color sand)20-12% (No more than 20%). Colouring Stabilizer (Strong fixing agent)5- 3%

Total: 100% (Weight %)

printing process :(Mesh 30-50 MeSH)Printing; Drying and drying; Heat treatment (120-150 ° C, 2-3 minutes)Or hot pressing (120-150, 8 seconds)


1) Selecting the appropriate fixing agent can improve the color fastness and rubbing fastness of the printed surface (Pay attention to the timeliness of the fixing agent)Recommendations strong fixing agent;

2)The slurry should not be thick, printed (Commonly known as: Base) It is essential that the slurry penetrates into the fabric and takes root. Avoid; Floating pulp; Fall off.

3) After drying, heat treatment can reduce the viscosity of the printing surface and increase the fastness. The fastness can be tested after 24 hours of printing.

The above points are some selection of glue and application methods in the printing process of glitter powder. According to the above operation, satisfactory printing glitter powder effect can be basically obtained. Dongguan huocai Crafts Co. , Ltd. is a professional Chinese onion manufacturing enterprise. We integrate with the research and development, production, sales and service of onion. Our products have also obtained SGS, MSDS, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificate. Popular in most domestic cities, our Glitter is also exported to countries and regions around the world, especially the United States and Europe.
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