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What good is a flash powder?

by:Xucai     2020-04-28
1. When you go to the jewelry store to buy jewelry, you might as well see it, jewelry box is to use it as usual appearance packaging well, it might as well use in senior gift box packaging, oh. 2. And then reach the stationery shop, saw a seems to have something to know each other? Right, it also might as well use the cover of the notebook, folder cover and manual paper-cut stationery etc. 3. Out of the stationery shop, or the four edges of passers-by to the mobile phone, see Bling Bling? Still think that is why? Don't want to, its mobile phone film is glitter of gold green paper do well, with and without flash into your eyes. 4. Go to the cafe and looked at people busy is also a kind of enjoy it, and suddenly flash to the eyes, only to see a pair of shiny shoes; Well, the rest of the glitter gold green paper also might as well use in bags, clothes and shoes. 5. Not just only the above four kinds of purposes. 一个。 It can also be used in the Christmas trees and decorations, such as the ball the ball on the Christmas tree etc. B. On the border around the frame. c。 Used for greeting CARDS, give a person the new. d。 Decorated with on the clock. e. Used in advertising cup. f。 Used in the wallpaper and so on.
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