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What if you accidentally inhale glitter powder? Is it poisonous?

by:Xucai     2019-12-20
What about inhaling glitter during the operation? has various colors and specifications, ranging from 0. 002- 6MM specifications, there will be some precautions in the production and processing of glitter powder. Here is a brief introduction to avoid inhaling glitter.

glitter (Glitter) It is also called Flash Film, flash powder, and large size is also called Glitter sequins. It is made of PET, PVC, OPP metal aluminum film material with high brightness and high thickness. Environmentally friendly is made of PET material. Its shape is quadrangular, hexagonal, rectangular, prismatic and so on. is divided into laser silver, Laser gold, laser color (Including red, blue, green, purple pink Black)Silver, Gold, color (Red, blue, green, purple pink Black)Symphony series. Each color system is equipped with a surface protective layer, which is bright in color and has certain resistance and temperature resistance to mild corrosive chemicals of climate and temperature.

precautions for using flash powder:

1. Strengthen ventilation and exhaust treatment in the workshop to reduce dust concentration in the area.

Second, the processing of Glitter must be protected, such as wearing a mask, goggles, to prevent inhalation of glitter or into the eyes.

3. If you encounter glitter into your eyes, don't panic. Don't rub it with your hands. Rinse it immediately with clear water or eye drops to prevent infection.

4. Inhale glitter powder and clean it in time. Go to the hospital for examination to confirm that there is no danger.

is glitter powder harmful and can Children Play? Looking at these colorful glitter powder sequins, many people can't help but question, these glitter powder is everywhere, will it be harmful to our body, especially children, many glitter powder added toys, stationery products, or diy bottled powder made directly from glitter, will long-term contact affect their health?

according to market research, many children's toys and stationery have more or less added glitter powder, such as glitter pen, glitter paper, glitter glue and other products.

glitter selected imported environmentally friendly materials, after precision processing, layer by layer, all products have passed various tests of SGS and EN71, and the content of various heavy metals and compounds is strictly controlled within the index. Some items are completely free of addition and residue, thus protecting the safety of children in the world, let the children have fun, parents can rest assured.
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