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What is luminous powder? What is the application of luminous powder?

by:Xucai     2019-12-12
, literally, is the material that shines at night. It is a luminescent substance with a special crystal structure, which has strong light absorption-Light storage- The ability to emit light, when exposed to natural light and light, absorbs and stores part of the light energy, and slowly releases it in the form of visible light in the dark. After 5 minutes of illumination, the luminescent material can automatically emit light for more than 12 hours in the dark. is mainly used in luminous signs, luminous mosaics, luminous ceramics, etc. It is used in various fields of life and work. At present, luminous powder mainly has three purposes: decoration, craft toys and indicator signs, its performance is mainly reflected in the field of fire fighting, such as luminous signs. Application Scope of ultra-fine high-brightness metallic glitter: luminescent pigments are suitable for various transparent media, such as coatings, powder coatings, inks, paints, enamel, ceramics, plastics, fibers, etc. Bright metallic glitter has strong application performance and can be applied to a variety of transparent or translucent media, such as plastic, silica gel, rubber, POLY resin, paint, paint and ink. It can also be applied to the preparation of luminous toys, luminous crafts, luminous silicone bracelets, luminous plastic flowers, luminous clocks, luminous buttons, luminous house signs, luminous fishing gear, luminous paintings, luminous paint coatings . . . . . . And so on. Dongguan huocai Crafts Co. , Ltd. is a professional Chinese onion manufacturing enterprise. We integrate with the research and development, production, sales and service of onion. Our products have also obtained SGS, MSDS, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificate. Popular in most domestic cities, our Glitter is also exported to countries and regions around the world, especially the United States and Europe.
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