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What is pearlescent Mica iron pigment?

by:Xucai     2020-01-03
Pearlescent Mica powder has been widely used in coatings, plastics, cosmetics, leather, printing, printing, wallpaper, rubber, ceramics and other products. Mica is mainly crystallized into monoclinic system, and the crystals are pseudo-hexagonal thin, scaly, plate-shaped, and sometimes pseudo-hexagonal columnar. Hardness 2 ~ 3, specific gravity 2. 70 ~ 3. 20, loose density 0. 3-0. 5. The refractive index of Mica increases with the increase of iron content, which can be changed from low positive protrusion to positive protrusion. Pearlescent Mica powder is a variety of mica that does not contain iron. It is colorless in the thin sheet. The higher the iron content, the darker the color, and has polychromatic and absorbent properties. Pearlescent Mica iron pigment has non-toxic, tasteless, metal flash effect, good weather resistance and dispersibility, not only can resist ultraviolet rays, but also has temperature resistance, mixed with most base materials such as acrylic resin, amino alkyd resin or nitrocellulose, it can be made into automobile, motorcycle and bicycle topcoats, furniture topcoats, and electrical finishing coatings, architectural satin decorative coatings and powder coatings. Pearl powder manufacturers suggest mixing with transparent plastics such as polystyrene and polyethylene, which can not only improve the pearlescent effect of plastic products, but also improve the strength and rigidity of products; Used in a variety of colored cosmetics, can be made into pearlescent eyelid cream, lipstick, nail polish, etc; It can be mixed with transparent ink to make pearlescent ink of various colors, which can be used for screen printing, fabric rotation printing, gravure printing and phototypesetting printing. At the same time, it can also be used to make pearlescent leather, pearlescent rubber products and ceramic pearlescent glaze. The color produced by pearlescent Mica iron pigment is formed by refraction of light, thus it is a typical pseudo-color. In terms of the intensity of the reflected light, the coarse-grained Pearlescent Pigment can produce a metallic visual sensation like Starlight; The finer-grained glitter present a delicate, soft pearl luster similar to silk and satin. When the light is incident, part of the light is reflected by the surface film, and the other part of the light is reflected again after being reflected by the refraction through the film to the Muscovite matrix. When the light is refracted, reflected, partially absorbed and partially penetrated at the interface for many times, the interference phenomenon occurs in parallel light rays, thus forming a pearlescent effect, which comes from the interference of light. Pearlescent effect means that the Pearlescent Pigment has a pearly soft luster. Pearl luster is caused by the multiple reflection and transmission of incident light by titanium dioxide polycrystalline film coated on mica sheet, I . e. light interference. For pearlescent glitter with small particle size, the titanium dioxide polycrystalline film coated on the surface of mica sheet is divided into many tiny layers like natural pearls, so that when incident light shines on its surface, it will show the luster of silk-like silk. This luster is called 'Pearl '. This optical effect of Mica titanium Pearlescent Pigment is called 'pearlescent effect '.
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