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What is the application field of pearl powder?

by:Xucai     2020-01-01
can be used in many fields, such as cosmetics, purses, automobiles, plastic products, inks, resins, printing pastes, etc. Pearlescent glitter vary according to the size of their particles, it shows different effects in use. In general, the larger the particles, the stronger the flicker effect, and the weaker the hiding power of the background color; On the contrary, the smaller the particles, the stronger the hiding power to the background color, and the softer the luster. The proportion of pearl powder added to different materials is also different. In plastic, the addition amount of metallic glitter is generally 0. 5% ~ 2% (Weight ratio of plastic resin). However, for thinner products and film products, there must be a higher addition amount, generally 5% ~ 8% (Weight ratio of plastic resin)Sometimes it may be higher than 10%. is a new material used for packaging printing and color printing, which can improve the brightness of the product color and can also change the color rendering effect. Through its special surface structure, high refractive index and good transparency, it creates the same effect as pearl luster in transparent medium. manufacturers suggest that when choosing metallic glitter, we need to understand the composition of pearl powder. There are strict requirements for particle size in the printing industry. Small particle size can be used for offset printing, larger particle sizes can be used for flexo and gravure printing with better results. The pearl powder used in cosmetics is carefully selected for the raw materials used. For mica or other substrates, heavy metal detection is first carried out. Only materials that meet the standards can be used in cosmetic pigment production. is widely used in automobile, motorcycle, bicycle coatings, powder coatings, architectural coatings, pearlescent ink, pearlescent leather, pearlescent plastic products, pearlescent cosmetics, it can also be used in papermaking, printing and dyeing, printing rubber, ceramics and other industries. The selection of XUCAI pigment products not only improves the grade of the products, but also sets up a good image for the products and creates another glory in the fierce market competition.
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