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What is the distinguishing feature of high temperature flash powder material

by:Xucai     2020-04-26
Hot flash powder material: hot glitter bulk silver point made of different colors of electroplating materials, such as aluminium, polyester, PVC, etc. , high brightness, after plating, printing, cutting, wire drawing, pulverization and added to the five processes. It like a mirror, brilliant light, with bright surface, high intensity of flash and endless rainbow by refraction and reflection of light change. High temperature flash powder made of aluminium silver tip glitter bulk can bear the high temperature of 250 ° C, acidproof alkali. made of polyester chip can bear the high temperature of 170 ° C, and acid and alkali. made of PET can withstand 50 ° C - 70 ° C temperature, but unable to bear the acid and alkali. This product is non-toxic, no smell. Widely used in paint, ink, plastic, leather, printing, shoes, toys, handicrafts, cosmetics, glass ornaments, etc. What are the precautions for golden onion powder when using? 1, with the rest of the mucilage mixed use of 2, after you printed fabric to make an onion slices with hot press 3, curing temperature at 200 degrees, usually 4 times for 1 ~ 2 minutes, if not through high heat fixation, please put a period of time after fully cured and then wash 5, process printing gold green pulp - The patch - Pressure - Drying/dry - Baking ( Press) — 6, packing and reserve ( 1) Packing: packed in plastic drum, 25 kg/barrel, 50 kg/barrel) Or according to customer requirements ( 2) Transportation: do check, depending on the interval distance can to the delivery or the customer ( 3) Reserve: this product should be placed in 5 ~ 35 ℃ indoor, reserves in a cool and dry place, 4) Reserve time: usually for six months, such as super useful period tested to pass the rear can continue to use.
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