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What is the use of glitter powder?


Glitter powder is bright in color and has certain resistance and temperature resistance to mild corrosive chemicals in climate and temperature. How to use the glitter powder? Here's what Xucai glitter powder has to say about the use of Glitter. Enjoy!

The use of glitter powder

As a surface treatment material with unique effect, chives powder is widely used in Christmas crafts, candle craft, cosmetics, screen printing industry (cloth, leather, shoe-making -- shoe materials, New Year pictures series), decorative materials (craft glass, polycrystalline glass; Crystal glass crystal ball), paint decoration, furniture paint, packaging, Christmas gifts, toy pens and other fields, its characteristics is to enhance the visual effect of products, so that the decorative part concave and convex layers, more three-dimensional sense. And its characteristic of high flash, make adornment more bright-coloured dazzing, times add luster.


And cosmetics, as well as eye shadow in cosmetics, nail polish and nail products of all kinds.


Due to the bright effect of plastic film and coating, glitter powder is widely used in food packaging industry. But chives powder is strictly prohibited in food.


With the development of science and technology, the application of glitter powder in various fields will be more and more extensive.

 glitter powder

Standard for high quality glitter powder


1, high brightness: from the surface brightness to distinguish, high quality of glitter powder flash, high brightness, mirror effect is obvious.


2. Uniform shape: the high quality glitter powder can be seen under the microscope. The shape of glitter powder is in a standard hexagonal shape with no difference in size or powder.


3. Strong acid and alkali resistance: high quality glitter powder can be soaked in strong acid and alkali liquid for a long time to keep its bright color.


4. High temperature resistance: it can be steamed. If there is no fading or partial fading after high temperature steaming, it is the top quality. This method is mostly used to identify glitter powder used in chive gum and nail polish.


The main types of glitter powder


PET, PVC glitter powder


The product is composed of vacuum metallic polyester plastic film, and its color layer is thermo-solid cross-bonded epoxy layer, which can produce a wide range of colors, and can be used on wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather, ceramics and other materials by silk-printing, coating and spraying. Form a decorative or reflective and other special and eye-catching effects. PVC powder is not resistant to high temperature (60℃), acid and alkali. Pet glitter powder is resistant to high temperature (190℃) and acid and alkali.


Metallic glitter powder


The product is composed of an extremely thin aluminum foil with a color coating of thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy. Glitter is suitable for many soluble materials and can also be applied dry. Metallic glitter powder is an ideal material for plastic products with temperature resistance of 250℃ and acid and alkali resistance.


Magic color series glitter powder


The product is a unique magic glitter powder, without metal ingredients, but due to the optical properties of the polymer film that makes up the product, the product has the metal color changes and luster, with obvious color changes. Especially suitable for printing, craft industry, cosmetics, jewelry, so that the product has the appearance of color change.


Laser series glitter powder


The product is made of imported bright and colorful laser original film, coated and colored by high temperature, and cut by professional precision machinery into a uniform shape of the specification of sequins. The original film is generally an environmentally friendly PET laser film, and the price of laser glitter powder produced is relatively high. Since the reflective effect of laser glitter powder is better than that of general glitter powder, it is generally used in injection molding, glass building materials and other industries to make its luster pass through the surface.

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