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What is the use of glitter powder properties

by:Xucai     2020-05-01
The nature of glitter use what? Below we understand: simple golden onion powder, as a kind of unique efficacy of surface processing raw material, golden onion powder mediocre used in handicrafts, Christmas candle technology, cosmetic, silk screen printing industry ( Cloth, leather, shoes - - - - - - - - - - - - - Shoes material class, new series) , decorative materials ( Glass crafts, crystal glass; The crystal ball) , decoration, furniture paint, such as line, the characteristic is to reinforce the product's visual effect, make the decoration some rough idea, have stereo feeling more. The characteristics of its high flash, at the same time make the decorations dazzling bright, times add brilliance. Golden onion powder, commonly known as sequins, piece of gold, silver, gold, silver is made by imported PET polyester film through careful mechanical cutting unified sequins and specifications. The purpose of the glitter powder mediocre, a total of two varieties of gm, farewell is hexagonal and quadrangle, mainly consists of laser, colorful color, gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, etc. The product with a very thin aluminum foil, the color of outer for thermosetting epoxy floor staggered fusion. Practical in a lot of soluble materials, this product can also be dry coating. Metallic gold onion powder is the dream of for plastic products raw materials, heat resistance is 200 ℃. Size 3 product practice. 0毫米,2。 5毫米,2。 0毫米,1。 5毫米,1。 0毫米,0。 8毫米,0。 6毫米,0。 4毫米,0。 3毫米,0。 2毫米,0。 1mm。 Can also be customized according to customer's request all kinds of special specifications and colors. The above is the use of glitter properties, hope to help you.
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