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What kind of glitter powder main types are there?

by:Xucai     2020-05-06
PET, PVC golden onion powder, the product consists of vacuum metal quality polyester plastic film, its color layer for thermosetting epoxy floor staggered fusion, can produce the color of the varieties of ordinary, but after printing, coating, spray methods used for wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather, ceramic and other materials. Decoration or reflective and seize the unique goals such as efficacy. PVC material with glitter powder is not high temperature resistant, 60℃) , not resistant to acid and alkali. Pet material golden onion powder, high temperature resistant, 190℃) , resistant to acid and alkali. Metal golden onion powder, the product quality with a very thin aluminum foil, the color of outer for thermosetting epoxy floor staggered fusion. Golden onion powder ( 闪闪发光的感觉) Practical in many soluble materials, also can do. Metallic gold onion powder is the dream of for plastic products raw materials, heat resistance is 250 ℃, resistant to acid and alkali. Iridescence series golden onion powder, the product is unique magic Mosaic gold onion powder, do not contain metal components, but due to a polymer film optical characteristics of the product, so the product has the metallic color change and the colour and lustre, have obviously color shift. Unique and practical in printing, craft industry, cosmetic, first adorn article, make the product has the appearance of the color change. Laser series golden onion powder, the product by the imported high highlighting, dazzle colour laser the original film, high-temperature coating color, and the specialized thorough mechanical cutting and specifications in the form of unified sequins. The original film is usually green PET laser film, make laser glitter powder value is higher, because the laser glitter reflective effect is better than usually golden onion powder, so often used in injection molding, glass building materials industry, make its surface color.
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