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What kind of spray gun can be used to spray glitter powder sequins, how to choose?

by:Xucai     2019-12-17
There are various sizes of glitter sequins. How to choose the right spray gun for processing has become a headache for many people. Here I will briefly introduce some details that need to be paid attention to when spraying glitter powder for your reference.

there are generally two ways to spray glitter powder sequins, namely wet spray and Dry Spray. There are also three ways to sprinkle glitter powder sequins, these three ways can make the sequins the required parts.

Let's talk about sprinkling glitter powder sequins. This method is mainly used for small areas. Generally, glitter powder sequins are packed in a small bottle, similar to those with pepper, after the installation, the parts to be sprayed are added with a layer of glue or varnish, and then the sequins are sprinkled. The effect of this method is not too uniform but the cost is saved.

wet spraying means that glitter sequins are mixed with varnish and directly sprayed on the parts, and the effect of wet spraying is not too uniform, and once the varnish is hung up, the sequins will also follow the flow, which will cause a very large impact on the part. The overall appearance is not very beautiful. The most important thing is that it is difficult to level, and it needs to be polished and sprayed repeatedly before it can be leveled, for the silver sequins are better, the colored sequins can't be done at all.

Dry Spray is a commonly used method. First, the spray is uniform, but the layer is thin and easy to level. Generally, we only use dry spray, silver sequins only need one varnish to be polished flat, color sequins should be twice, then they can be colored, painted, etc. Construction method: first select the color of the sequins to be sprayed, the background color of the silver piece is best to be silver. The background color of the color sequins can be black or the same color as the sequins. It is recommended to make the same color bottom, so the sequins look better overall! Then spray a layer of varnish, spray the sequins only on the parts with a dry spray gun, and then apply varnish leveling on the back. Generally, high-concentration varnish or leveling varnish is better, the filling is good, and the number of spraying layers is reduced! This method has good effect, uniform powder, reduced manual labor, and saves the cost of varnish, but the sequins need to be wasted!

If the glitter sequins are self-colored, they should be imported as much as possible. The domestic sequins have a lot of solvent resistance, which will lead to color loss, whitening, and a penny, therefore, the selection of materials should be cautious, don't work hard on labor and materials, and the money has not been earned.

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