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What should I do if there is a problem in the printing of pearlescent ink on glitter powder products?


The production process of glitter powder is more complicated, so the printing technology of the glitter ink needs higher printing technology. Every negligence in the printing process may affect the pearl effect of the glitter, plus the glitter powder particles in the ink itself It is thicker, and offset printing must cooperate with advanced printing technology to achieve the desired effect.

However, it is inevitable that glitter powder will have problems in pearlescent ink printing. Let's take a look at some solutions to the problems of pearlescent ink printing of glitter powder products.

glitter powder

Dealing with the problems of pearlescent ink printing of glitter powder products

[1] The strength of the peel strength after the compounding of the glitter powder prints is poor: the use of pearlescent ink is correctly selected to determine the surface or back printing. Choose suitable glue and thinner. Control the amount of glue, temperature and tension during compounding. Grasp the corona treatment of the film. If the self-made pearlescent ink should select the appropriate diluent to suit the compound glue.

[2] Dirty printing of flash glitter powder: spray powder properly and control the appropriate stacking height; increase the speed of the printing machine and reduce the drying time; reduce the distance between the cutter and the pressure roller.

[3] Glitter powder has a pearlescent effect but no gloss: the thinner evaporates too fast. Slow-drying thinner should be used to reduce the temperature of the oven or cold air. At the same time, the printing speed should be increased to increase the viscosity of the ink.

[4] The pearlescent effect of glitter powder is poor or no pearlescent effect: first check whether the dots of the version are clogged or need to clean the dots. If the dots of the version are too shallow to achieve the desired effect, check whether the viscosity of the glitter ink is properly matched with the speed of the vehicle, check whether the angle of the scraper is too large or the pressure is too high, check that the distance between the scraper and the pressure roller is too long Version phenomenon.

Matters needing attention in the application of pearlescent inks for glitter powder products: In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's printing industry, the ink manufacturing industry has also grown and developed, especially the market prospects for special types of inks. As one of the special varieties of inks, the market prospects of pearlescent inks for glitter powder products are widely optimistic in the industry. In terms of the packaging of high-end cosmetics, printing of high-end trademarks and promotional materials, pearlescent inks for glitter powder products have strong competitiveness and development potential.

All packaging materials and labels can be printed with glitter powder pigment offset printing ink. The pearlescent ink of offset glitter powder products is relatively more difficult to apply than silk screen and flexographic printing technology, because the viscosity is relatively high, and the glitter pigment is ground from shell The particles are difficult to dissolve in them, which makes it difficult to mix glitter and offset inks. Even if mixed together, the distribution of pearlescent pigment glitter is not uniform. This means a great challenge for offset printing. Pearlescent glitter powder products In the application process of pearlescent inks, not only the reasonable preparation of ink and the correct selection and careful processing of substrates, but also the selection of suitable printing equipment and the application of advanced technology in printing in accordance with the characteristics of glitter pigments in order to achieve excellent Pearl effect.

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